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Does Wearing Makeup Help You Or Hurt You Professionally?

A psychology study by the University of Stirling has found that wearing make-up changes perceptions of status depending on who is making the judgment — males or females. Geez, can’t a girl just wear a statement lip without getting judged? Of course not.


Dr. Viktoria Mileva, postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Stirling, said, “Men think women with makeup are more ‘prestigious,’ while women think women with make-up are more dominant.”

Dr. Mileva did follow-up studies as to why women might feel that women with make-up are more dominant, and it looks like it might be related to jealousy and threat potential. Women rating women with make-up said they would be more jealous of them, thought they were more promiscuous, and would be more attractive to men. So ladies? How can we use this new information to our advantage?

Dr. Mileva explains, “At a job interview, knowing whether the hiring committee will consist of men or women might influence a female candidate’s decision about wearing make-up.

Whether the interviewers will view her as attractive, dominant, and/or prestigious can affect her and the interviewers’ actions and perhaps the outcome of the interview itself. Thus, understanding the potential implications of cosmetics use are important not only for the wearer, but also for the perceiver.”

Man is it hard to be a woman! We say just wear whatever makes you feel confident!

Watch the video here.

Source: MY9NJ

Posted by: APL Cheeks


  1. This was such an interesting read! Please check out my latest blog when you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! Xx


  2. Interesting. Such a difference in perception, though I am happy to see that the response was not more negative. More prestigious and more dominant seem like good things for people to see you as in the workplace. Thanks for posting APL cheeks. I love me some apple cheekers!


  3. Interesting. I would have thought ‘no makeup’ would be seen as more prestigious, as a woman without makeup is thought to be more intelligent or care less about vanity.

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    • Interesting! You know, no matter what studies show, there is always the factor of human subjectivity. These qualitative-type studies do not (and should not) make anyone’s subjective, personal viewpoint “invalid”. I personally love the respect you have for those who make the choice to not wear makeup, and definitely think we should all work to respect and see the beauty in every woman 🙂 Thank you so much for your input!!


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