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A Beautiful Way To Purify Your Air-Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is one of the richest sources of minerals, and has the ability to soothe away sore muscles, detox your body, and purify the air.

IMG_6455 (1)

(Read more about the benefits: 10 Incredible Ways Himalayan Salt Will Change Your Life).

Focusing on air purification, you might be familiar with the Himalayan Salt Lamps, which use heat, moisture, and the salt’s ions to cleanse the air. They are also extra glowy and pink, which is delightful.

However, a soccer-ball sized rock lamp is about 5-7lbs, only enough for a 10×10 room. (Ream more about sizes here).

I could go buy more lamps, but I found a great way to diversify my salty ion spread using a candle oil warmer, Himalayan salt, essential oils, and water.


What You’ll Need!

Candle Oil Warmer, Himalayan Salt, DoTerra Essential Oils, Tealights

Tips You Should Read…!

Here’s Your Guide To Essential Oil Blending

10 Incredible Ways Himalayan Salt Will Change Your Life

Your easy peasy instructions:

  1. Fill the oil bowl oil warmer with water so you know how much you’ll need, then pour into a saucepan
  2. Heat water for a bit, turn to low/medium heat
  3. Pour salt! Scoop in 1 tsp at a time until it is dissolved, and continue until the salt stops disappearing. This means your water is completely saturated!
  4. Pour the water/remaining slat deposits into your oil bowl warmer
  5. Tilt in 5-8 drops of essential oils (don’t forget to check out the blending guide above)
  6. Place your tealight into the holder, and light!

The water IMG_6471will likely evaporate and leave the salt behind. It’ll look like your own personal salt cave!

When this happens, just pour more water/oils in and keep going, re-doing the salt mixture here and there. It’s wonderful!

Thank you all for reading! Comment with any questions, or suggestions! What is your favorite way to use Himalayan Salt or essential oils?





  1. Jacy, I’m going to be busy all of September, so I’m working on a few posts to schedule that month. One is a DIY clay essential oil diffuser. Mind if I also link to this post for an alternative way of doing it?


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