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Reclaiming the Rustic: Use Old Wood in New Ways, DIY-Style

Like most of you, I do not have an excess of spare money, and that is a damn shame because lately I have been ravenous for reclaimed wood decor (credit cards shiver in fear). And although DIY wooden decor still has its own cost and labor, I was still inspired to present you with a short guide-and-gallery on DIY wooden looks.


Elegant, rustic, and lively, the rich colors and golden rivulets are all the rage with fall approaching so close. Even in my SoCal suburbial hometown, the coolest breeze leaves most daydreaming about the warmth of wood fire and oak beams.

Reclaimed wood is considered to be any wood that has been rescued from somewhere else it was put to use. It can come from the remnants of a dismantled barn, factories that clean out, and even the remains of old mine barrels. Everyone has local places where remnant wood is available to be picked up or bought. Try for salvage yards, ports, and crate/palette yards, or contact landowners who own unused wood structures. There are also online networks like Treeline Woodworks where you can order wood.

However, before you dive into a woodworking endeavor, know that it is no easy task. Old wood is typically harder, drier, and more dangerous to handle (think nails, lead paint, and brittle splinters). You also need to consider what tools are necessary, and if you are skilled enough to use them. The articles below will review some basics…

Necessary Reads

  1. Tips on How To Turn Recycled Wood Into Timber Gold (With Precautions)
  2. 6 Things To Know About Working With Reclaimed Wood

Caution and scaries aside, its time for inspo. Enjoy these awesome project ideas for indoors and out!



Posted by: Julianne Malum, APL Cheeks contributor




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