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ALERT: Harry Potter Makeup Brushes Are HERE (well, almost)

The internet writhed in fandomic pain when Reddit showed the world what Harry Potter makeup palettes would look like (See The Harry Potter Makeup Palettes We Need To Fight For).

It looked something like this:


We lusted. We mourned. We cried to the Dark Mark that hung above our vanities. What did our powders and creams matter now?

But be still, now, there is hope.

Storybook Cosmetics, a new fandom-based cosmetics company run by triplets Missy, Erin, and Mandy Maynard just released a preview of their HP-inspired wand makeup brushes. You can now powder and line your eyelids with Hermione, Harry, Ron, Voldemort, and Dumbledore wand brushes, which come in a complete set and velvet bag.

In a report, Buzzfeed said:

“The set of five is $55, and doesn’t including shipping. Storybook Cosmetics, a new fandom-based cosmetics company, expects to ship ‘em out worldwide on Dec. 10 (or even sooner), but says they’re also expected to sell out of these magical face-wands.”

The brushes are reported to be cruelty-free have synthetic bristles, and a brushed alloy handle. (See also: What Kat Von D’s All-Vegan Pledge Means for the Makeup World)

So sign up for Storybook’s newsletter for more information, and follow them on social media so you can best prepare yourself to score these pieces of wonder. Good luck to you all…


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