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There’s More to Balance than Tree Pose and Apples

The importance of having a “Balanced Life” seems to have come out of the closet with a colorful boho dress during this last decade. You could call it a social key phrase, a trend, but the reality is that more people have been paying attention to the puzzle pieces of their lives, and what size each one should be.


This is a good thing, my friends.

A balanced individual is much more likely to have higher levels of focus, energy, rest, drive, and productivity. Balance has the metaphorical vitamins, the water and food, for your way of life.

Balance=life health. 

But what does a BL look like? Especially meshed with the daily spin of schedule most of us deal with?

My advice? Baby steps. There are hundreds of different ways one can improve way of life through better balance, but this elusive balance is not achieved by overthrowing your whole routine at once. It might very well have an adverse effect, know what I mean?

The key is in the tiny tweaks and adjustments that you can repeat to create more positive habits over time. Remember, you’re in it for the long run, and these strategies I’ve outlined below will hopefully help you get started!

Five Useful Strategies to Try

  1. Support: Reach out to the people who love you. When I feel isolated and drained, I’ll meet up with my sister, text my therapist, or ask my best friend how she’s doing even though we haven’t talked in over a week. We are all busy people. Work, relationships, babies, midnight assassin work, whatever. We all have a grind. Just don’t forget to prioritize one-on-one interaction with the people you care about.
  2. No: If you have a hard time with this one, I suggest sitting on the ground legs crossed for fifteen minutes every morning while you repeat it loud like a mantra (haha). But please, just say no to  the extra project at work, no to that random wedding, no to the late party, no to dinner at your in-laws, you get it. If it’s going to take more than you have to give, just say no. Be okay with having limits and the boundaries for them.
  3. Your body: This one is a biggie. I have a list of 3 to keep it simple:
    • Sleep: turns out, rest is important. Turns out we need enough of it to function well. Try turning off your electronics early and going to bed. Also, if you’re the type to slump during the day, don’t be afraid to take a nap break. Paying attention to your needs does not make you lazy, pathetic or childish.
    • Exercise: It could be a walk around the office floor three times a day. Yoga in the bathroom stall. Taking the stairs. If you have trouble with a consistent physical routine, make the little movements massive.
    • Food: I won’t lecture beyond this: choose the stuff that make you feel alive.
  4. Something new: if your routine is bland and grinding, switch it up. Take a ceramics class or explore some new music. Be truthful about what speaks to your passions and set yourself sink into it.
  5. Treat yourself: I like to light candles in my apartment, pour a glass of wine, and paint. Something about these evenings make me feel incredibly satisfied and special, and guess what? I deserve it. You do, too. Whether its cocktails and gourmet meals, a foot massage, or a paintbrush, treat yourself.

Happy Holidays, readers!

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